Hot Tub Starter Kit


This Hot Tub Starter Kit is perfect for new hot tub owners. It Contains the base products you need to get your hot tub up and running fast.  Add your choice of either Bromine Granules, Bromine Tabs, Granular Chlorine, Chlorine Pucks or Spa Plus to complete.

Includes (1 of each):

  • SpaBoss Spa Shock (1 kg)
  • SpaBoss Alka Rise (750 g)
  • SpaBoss pH Booster (750 g)
  • SpaBoss Prevent II (500 ml)
  • SpaBoss Defoamer (500 ml)
  • SpaBoss Spa Clear (500 ml)
  • Test Strips (10 tests)
  • SpaBall
  • SpaPad

Note, this kit does not include a sanitizer.  A Sanitizer should be purchased in addition to this kit