How to use EcoOne

Please FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY in order to maximize the benefits of

Initial Start Up

  1. Take out Spa filter from filter compartment.
  2. Add a bottle EcoOne Pipe Cleanser to your existing water and turn on all jets, pump(s) and air controls as many times a day as possible. You can use your hot tub during this purging process for up to a month. When the water gets cloudy and has some 'organic' smell to it, let it flush for another 48 hours or so without using your tub.
  3. Drain your hot tub water and clean your shell with EcoOne Shell & Liner Cleaner or vinegar and water; mix and rinse thoroughly. Never use an abrasive cleaning product on your shell.
  4. Clean your vinyl cover with EcoOne Cover Cleaner. Make sure you reach between creases and stitching.
  5. Refill your hot tub. For best results, use a Pre Filter (read instructions first) and let water warm to 30 °C minimum.
  6. Balance your water:
  7. Alkalinity first.  Adjust until you get a reading between 70 to 120 ppm
  8. pH second.  Adjust until you get a reading of 7.2 to 8.2 ppm
  9. Hardness (Calcium) third.  Adjust so that hardness reads between 200 and 400 ppm
  10. Add the entire bottle EcoOne Spa Monthly.  We recommend diluting EcoOne Spa monthly in a bucket of water, then dump the water into the tub.
  11. Bring sanitizer levels up to minimum recommended amounts (3 ppm).
  12. Clean your hot tub filter thoroughly using EcoOne Filter Cleanser. Once you have completed the filter cleaning process as per the instructions on the back of the bottle, you can place the filter back into the hot tub.


  • Every two (depending on use) clean filter using a Filter Cleaner
  • Once a month add one bottle of EcoOne Spa Monthly
  • Once a month clean cover and shell with EcoOne Shell & Liner Cleaner
  • Maintain proper pH, Alkalinity and Sanitizer levels at all times. For more detailed instructions on how to maintain proper levels, read our Hot Tub Maintenance guide.