EcoOne Hose Filter


The EcoOne® hose filter solves most startup spa and pool water problems without the use of chemicals. Saves money time and hassle by removing or reducing most common water contaminants before they get into your pool or spa. The EcoOne® hose filter has hundreds of other useful household applications for flower and vegetable gardeners, pond pre-treatment, bird baths, pet water, fish tanks, lawns, car washing, etc. The convenient design will work on either end of a standard garden hose. Save money , time and hassle by reducing or eliminating contaminants before they get into your spa. Solves most initial Spa water problems caused by:

  • Dissolved heavy metals
  • Lime and Scale
  • Organic contaminants and VOC’s
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)

How To Use

  • Flush garden hose before use to remove sediment and contaminants.
  • Attach filter to hose and flush for one minute until water runs clear.
  • Can be used effectively at either end of the garden hose. Can be used with a sprayer attachment or sprinkler with a barely noticeable reduction in flow rate
  • Save end caps for storage. STORE WET! (do not allow filter to dry out as the media will harden and become ineffective - if end caps are lost, store in a plastic baggy in refrigerator)
  • Works best with a flow rate of 2GPM or less. For highly contaminated water, reduce flow rate to 1GPM
  • If flow rate slows, back-flush filter to remove sediment buildup. If it’ not possible to back-flush filter, place female end in a bucket of clean water and shake to loosen blockage from media.
  • Your Hose Filter will last between 8,000 and 40,000 gallons, depending on care, use and and initial water contamination.