Mineral Purifier


This Mineral Purifier cleans your hot tub water naturally and reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine usage by up to 50%. A combination of silver, copper, & zinc kill bacteria as the water inyour hot tub flows through your filter system.

The addition of a charcoal (carbon) coating further increases the products ability to filter impurities in your water.

This is comparible to the Nature2 Mineral Sanitizer

Active Ingredients:

  • Metallic Silver 2%
  • Other ingredients 98%

Benefits Include:

  • Reduces the need for harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.
  • Naturally helps kill bacteria as trace amounts of silver, copper, & zinc dissolve.
  • Lasts for a full 4 months...simply replace when you change your water.
  • Highest concentration of minerals available among hot tub mineral purifiers.
  • The addition of an activated charcoal coating absorbs impurities.
  • Compatible with all hot tubs.
  • Compatible with either Chlorine or Bromine


Note: This is not a registered sanitizer.  Minimum chlorine levels still need to be maintained.