Polar Plunge Tub


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Boost your energy and elevate your mood with our Polar Cold Plunge Tub manufactured in Canada.

This aluminum shell with white cedar skirt is your quality solution for cold plunge therapy with or without a sauna.

The optional roll up cover will keep your water clean when not in use and an easy to use drain that will connect to any garden hose is included with all cold plunge tubs.

The total outside measurement is 71"x33"x25" High with angled sides for easy in and out access and holds 190 gallons (720 litres) of water.



    Outside Length 71"
    Outside Width 33"
    Outside Height 25"
    Inside Length (top) 69"
    Inside Length (bottom) 60.25"
    Inside Width (top) 29"
    Inside Width (bottom) 20.5"
    Inside Depth 21.5"
    Water Capacity 190 Gallons (720\0 L)
    Liner Aluminum
    Cover Cedar Roll up (Optional)
    Empty Weight 402 lbs

    Assembly Instructions:


    Chiller Options

    Penguin Cold Therapy Chiller

    • 3/4HP High Efficiency Chiller
    • 7,500 BTU/hr
    • 56 dBA (fairly quiet)
    • 10 – 120 Volts / 450 Watts / 3.9 Amps
    • 17”W x 15”D x 13”H
    • 49 lbs
    • Built in Pump
    • 10' power cord with GFCI protection
    • Rain Proof* (*disconnect chiller and drain completely when ambient temps are freezing or below to prevent damage to chiller)
    • 1 Year Product Warranty
    • Proudly made in the USA

    Coldture Water Chiller

    • Cools the Water Down to 3 Celsius (37F)
    • Heats the Water Up to 40 Celsius (105F)
    • Features Advanced Step Filtration
    • Portable - All-in-one Contained Unit
    • Plug and Play - Self-priming Circulation Pump
    • WiFi-enabled Temperature Control System
    • Indoor and Outdoor use (-10C/14F)
    • Safety Shutoff
    • Industrial-grade Components
    • 1 Year Standard Warranty