Pure Fill Pre Filter


The Pure Fill Carbon Block Hot Tub Pre-Filter - It's like filling your hot tub with bottled water! The Pure Fill Hot Tub and Spa Garden Hose Filter makes starting up your hot tub easy! The Pre-Filter utilizes activated carbon for the removal of TOC's, VOC's chlorine by-products and suspended solids. The cleaner the water that goes into your hot tub is, the less chemicals's you'll need to add!


  • Filters 99% of Contaminants and Suspended Solids.
  • Food Grade Activated Carbon (0.5 Micron Carbon Block for Removing Chemical Contaminants, Algae, Mold Spores, Bacteria and Organic Debris).
  • Reduces and Removes Metals (Contains Metal Removing Resins).
  • Connects to a Standard Garden Hose. (Hose connections on both ends).
  • The Fill Filter is Great for Aquariums, Decorative Ponds, Camping or RV'ing.
  • Saves Money at Start Up.
  • Crystal Clear Water.
  • Filters 1200 Gallons of Water (Three to Five Hot Tub Fills).

Directions for use:

  1. Connect to Garden Hose.
  2. Flush filter for 30 Seconds.
  3. Fill Spa, then store until next use.