Spa Essentials Spa Shock


Spa Essentials Spa Shock.  Quickly and easily perform your weekly Spa Shock maintenance with these conveniently pre-measured packets.

  • Kit contains 6 packets, 48g each
  • Includes built in clarifiers to promote clear water
  • Dissolves quickly, gentle on spa surfaces
  • Promotes maximum sanitizer efficiency
  • Spa Shock eliminates soluble organic wastes and irritating chloramines in spa water
  • Compatible with chlorinating or brominating products or lithium.

How to Use

  • Under average bather conditions Spa Shock treatment is recommended once per week. After heavy bather load an extra application is recommended.
  • One pouch treats up to 2000L of spa water

Spa Essentials Spa Shock is comparable to:

  • Arctic Pure Refresh
  • Rendezvous Activate
  • Leisure Time Boost non-chlorine Shock
  • Leisure Time Renew non-chlorine shock oxidizer
  • Leisure Time Renew Tabs
  • SpaBoss Spa Shock
  • Spa Gaurd Spa Lite
  • Dazzle Amaze
  • Spa Synergy Clear
  • BeachComber Bromate
  • BeachComber Care Free
  • Tabex Shock N Soak