SpaBoss pH Stable


Spa Boss pH Stable is an easy-to-use product that maintains a stable pH in your hot tub water.  It does this by preventing the pH range from drifting erratically.  Not only does this simplify the balancing of water, but it also reduces the demand for numerous other water balance products.  At the same time, pH Stable softens the hot tub water by eliminating the dissolved calcium that is present.  This water softening action thereby improves water clarity.  Also, stains which are caused by dissolved metals in the water are less likely to form.

Size: 1L

How To Use

  1. Clean the surface of a drained hot tub with Spa Polish
  2. Install a clean filter
  3. Fill the hot tub with fresh water and bring the pH to within 7.4 -7.6
  4. With the heater turned off and the water circulating, add the initial dosage of 500ml of pH Stable per 1000 litres of water.  In addition to this, add an extra 40ml per 1000 L for each 10 ppm that the calcium Hardness range is above 150 ppm
  5. If the hot tub water becomes cloudy during the application of pH Stable, then the excess dissolved calcium that was present in the water is now coming out of solution.  Allow the filter to remove this precipitated calcium.  Clean and rinse the filter cartridge within 24 hours after adding pH stable to ensure proper filter efficiency
  6. Add a maintenance dosage of 25 ml per 1000 L weekly for continuous performance of the water softening and pH stabilizing effects

SpaBoss pH Stable is comparable to:

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