SpaBoss Spa Polish


Spa Boss Spa Polish is formulated to clean and polish the surface of your hot tub. Spa Polish leaves a durable, protective coat that is water repellant and unaffected by sunlight, temperature or chemicals.  Excellent results on acrylic and fiberglass surfaces.

Size: 500ml

How to Use

  1. Shake bottle well before use.
  2. Dry the surface to be polished and remove excess dirt
  3. Using a damp cloth, spread the Spa Polish evenly over an area in a circular motion
  4. Allow Spa Polish to dry to a haze
  5. Buff to the desired gloss with a clean dry cloth, turning frequently.

SpaBoss Spa Polish is comparable to:

  • Arctic Pure Reflection
  • BeachComber Tub Clean
  • Dazzle Tub Cleanse
  • Leisure Time Fast Gloss
  • Spa Essentials Spa Surface Cleaner
  • Spa Gaurd Surface Cleaner